Thundercat’s MGM concert leaves fans purring for more

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In a performance of his most shred-worthy records yet, Thundercat took the Hub by storm for the 14th stop of the “In Yo Girl’s City Tour.”

Thundercat at MGM Music Hall at Fenway Oct. 15. Ariana Merline for

Thundercat came to Fenway’s MGM Music Hall with a mission. 

“I’m gonna find someone to love in Boston,” Thundercat sang Sunday night, adding a lyric to “Interstellar Love” for his second song of the night. The crowd went wild in anticipation of the 38-year-old bass player’s exciting plans. 

In a performance of his most shred-worthy records yet, Thundercat, née Stephen Lee Bruner, took the Hub by storm for the 14th stop of the “In Yo Girl’s City Tour.”

A giant inflatable panther with glowing red eyes set the stage for the show before the man himself took the stage. 

Twin DJs Coco and Breezy warmed the crowd by mixing their very own music, dancing in sync, and spreading thanks for the opportunity to be performing; especially since they only joined the tour last week, Coco explained. 

The twins were old friends of Thundercat’s, whom they casually referred to as Stephen. He invited them on tour because he missed hanging out. 

“Isn’t that a good friend?” Coco asked the crowd. 

When the time came for Mr. Cat, the arena held its breath. 

Mac Miller’s “Inside Outside” played as Thundercat took the stage. Thundercat and Miller were close friends until the young rapper’s death in 2018. 

Thundercat opened with “Lost in Space,” but he and his bandmates riffed off each other constantly. It was hard to tell when one song ended and another began. The set list was never stringent or choppy — the music flowed. 

Known for his expertise on the guitar, Thundercat’s singing was minimal. Lyrics are only present in a few of the musician’s songs. 

Such a large crowd not having anything to sing along to was an experience itself. Some danced enthusiastically even when the songs were slow. Others waved their hands through the air. And there was no shortage of those who closed their eyes and swayed with the melody.

The evening’s highlight was none other than “A Fan’s Mail (Tron Song Suite II),” the song in which Thundercat meows for about two minutes and 40 seconds as he plays his guitar. It was a strong reminder of the musician’s brand, emphasized by the comically large buttons being sold at the merch counter that were plastered with a mirror selfie of him and his cat chilling. 

The concert was the cat’s meow. Literally and figuratively. Thundercat’s a must-see for fans of sick guitar playing and funky vibes.

Thundercat didn’t do much singing at MGM Music Hall, but he did purr. – Ariana Merline for

Setlist for Thundercat at MGM Music Hall, Oct. 15, 2023:

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