Stoughton’s Denneno’s Pizza will close its doors on New Year’s Eve


The South Shore pizzeria has been in business for 68 years.

A beloved South Shore pizzeria will close at the end of the year, ending its run of serving pies to the community for 68 years. 

Denneno’s Pizza, located at 545 Pearl Street in Stoughton, will close its doors on Dec. 31, the family announced on Instagram. 

“Times have definitely changed, as well as age, which has led us to this decision to close,” the Denneno Family wrote. “Over the years we have been asked many times if we are closing. You all know how rumors go. The fact is our mother wanted us to close when she passed a little over six years ago, however we felt that it was not the time to end our family’s legacy. By informing you in this manner of our decision it allows you to hear it directly from the source itself. The family business has played an integral part in shaping our lives with regard to public service.”

The family praised the employees who worked at the pizzeria over the years and thanked its “amazing customers.”

“We want to thank you for having had the opportunity to serve you over the many years,” the family wrote. 

Carmela Denneno, the family’s matriarch, passed away in 2017.