Pickles, a pig on the run in Western Mass. since August, has died

Local News

“We were all hoping for a better outcome.”

Pickles the pig was killed Thursday. Granby Animal Control

The journey of Pickles, a pig that has been on the run in Western Massachusetts since August, came to a tragic end this week. 

Granby Animal Control announced Thursday evening that Pickles had been struck by a car and succumbed to his injuries. 

“We were all hoping for a better outcome,” the department wrote. 

According to MassLive, Pickles, who was only a few months old, had been roaming the woods since escaping from his Belchertown home. He tripled in size during his months on the run, eating people’s gardens and trash. 

Efforts to catch Pickles by Granby Animal Control recently included setting a “buffet” trap complete with donuts, pumpkins, corn, and feed, according to the publication.

After the announcement of the pig’s death, condolences poured out on social media, with many sharing how they’d spotted him over the weeks that he was on the run.

“This is awful news,” wrote one person in response to the announcement. “I live on Chicopee Street and I already miss seeing him. Poor guy.”