Man attacked by owl in Medfield

Local News

The man said the owl almost snatched his dog while they were walking at the Noon Hill Reservation.

An owl attacked a man in Medfield this week and nearly snatched his dog, Boston 25 News reports.

Kenneth Wadness told the station he was walking back to his car at the Noon Hill Reservation on Monday night with his dog when the incident occurred. He said he was wearing a headlamp when he noticed the owl swoop right next to his dog, right by his elbow.

“Within 10 seconds, he whacked me with his talons,” Wadness told the station. “He hit me on the back of the head.”

According to Boston 25 News, he picked up his dog and retreated to his car, using a branch in his hand as protection. 

Andrew Vitz, ornithologist for the Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife, told the station owl attacks are rare but can happen. It is currently nesting season and owls could become aggressive if threatened, he said.

“It’s that territorial behavior that’s kicking in,” Vitz said.