Here’s the play that got Matthew Slater a $14,819 fine from the NFL


Slater was not flagged on the play at the time, but the NFL cited unnecessary roughness as the reason for the fine.

Matthew Slater was impacted by the NFL’s gameday accountability fines for Week 9. (AP Photo/Greg M. Cooper)
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The NFL released its Week 9 fines on Saturday, and Patriots captain Matthew Slater was among those impacted.

The play he drew a fine for occurred late in the fourth quarter when the Patriots were receiving a punt from the Commanders. Slater made an attempt to block the defender with what appeared to be shoulder-on-shoulder contact, which actually knocked Slater off his own feet.

The Patriots special teamer was not flagged on the play, but was given a $14,819 fine for unnecessary roughness.

Watch the full play below:

There didn’t appear to be much danger on the play to warrant such a fine, although Slater’s block did occur about five yards away from the play.

Former NFL players, in addition to fans, believe that the NFL is ramping up its fines the season on plays that might be related to player safety, questioning whether some of these fines are necessary.

Former Defensive Player of the Year J.J. Watt is among the former players with a lot to say on the issue. In a social media post earlier in November, Watt said the NFL is “stealing money from guys” in a reaction to Baltimore Ravens fullback Patrick Ricard receiving a $21,694 unnecessary roughness fine for what seemed to be a routine block.

Watt also appeared on “The Pat McAfee Show” this week, citing even more examples of player fines he disagreed with.

“I’ve been on the other end of these fines, I’ve gotten some of these fines, and there’s some of them that have been legit, there’s no doubt about it,” Watt said. “But what’s happening now, these plays that we’re fining guys for and we’re taking tens of thousands of dollars out of their pockets, because of routine football plays — things that happen throughout the course of the game — it is mind-blowing to me.”

It appeared Slater was making a routine football play, though the NFL is cracking down on safety measures to be sure it protects its players as much as possible.