Doc Rivers told a story about Dennis Rodman babysitting his kids


“He did a great job. The house was a mess.”

Doc Rivers (left) coaching the Philadelphia 76ers. Tim Nwachukwu/Getty

Doc Rivers is about as close to an expert as you can be at coaching a basketball team. His intuition for choosing a babysitter for his children, on the other hand, leaves a little bit more to be desired.

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During Wednesday’s game between the Los Angeles Lakers and Sacramento Kings, commentator Dave Pasch asked Rivers to recall a story about a time he needed to babysit his kids, including former lottery pick Austin Rivers. The story itself was merely Rivers asking a former teammate to watch over his precious children, but the teammate in question was not someone most people would think to give such an important responsibility to.

“It was a one time thing, but when I was in San Antonio, I wanted to go out, and we used Dennis Rodman for one night babysitting Austin and some of our kids,” Rivers said. “I don’t know if I’m parent of the year or the worst parent.”

Rodman’s legacy is defined by both his excellent rebounding and defense and, perhaps most notably, the numerous public controversies he found himself in during his playing days. The very thought of children being in the care of a former member of the “Bad Boy” Pistons who would later publicly insult religious groups, assault referees and cameramen and declare that he would marry himself would worry any parent.

But Rivers said that Rodman emphatically agreed to the request, and that the Hall of Famer did a great job babysitting his kids.

“[Rodman] was over at the house and he said ‘Hey, I can do that. I love babysitting,’” Rivers said. “And he did it, he did a great job. The house was a mess.”

He may not have been an angel in the public’s eyes, but Rodman has Rivers’s seal of approval as a babysitter.