Boston TV news reporter admonishes man for grabbing him from behind


“I wanna be clear how not ok this is.”

7News reporter Grant Hermes shared a video this weekend of a man grabbing him from behind as he worked outside TD Garden, with a reminder that this kind of behavior is never OK.

“I’m fine. My photog is fine. But I wanna be clear how not ok this is,” he wrote in his caption on Instagram.

At first, a woman can be seen behind Hermes waving her arms and “woo”-ing in an attempt to get on camera. Then, the man runs into the frame behind Hermes, flexes and shouts “Yeah boy!,” before wrapping his arms around Hermes from behind.

Hermes can be heard saying, “Don’t do that dude,” while he chases the man off.

“The people you see on TV are at work, at a job where people make threats at us regularly,” Hermes wrote. “So we don’t know when you yell at us, run into our live shots or grab us, we don’t know what you’re there to do.”

Hermes received support from other TV journalists and viewers alike in the comments on his post.

“So the next time you think about getting your 3 seconds of fame at a reporter’s expense. Don’t,” he wrote.