At least 2 Snowport customers said tips were added without their consent. We’ve ‘taken appropriate action,’ organizers say.

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“It’s not about the tip that’s the problem. It’s the principle of it. I’m pretty sure that’s illegal.”

The Holiday Market at Snowport in the Seaport last year. Courtesy of Boston Seaport by WS, File

Multiple customers said they were scammed in tips at the Jingle Bar at Snowport, social media posts reflect, and Snowport now says they “were made aware of some irregularities” and took “appropriate action.”

A Boston-based TikToker Janice, as @travelwithjannn, posted on Sunday that she ordered a $16 mulled wine from the Jingle Bar, and she said the bartender didn’t flip the tablet after the transaction. She then checked her Apple Pay, which showed a $20 purchase.

“The bartenders out there are really adding 25% tips to your bill without ever getting your consent for it,” she said in the video. “It’s not about the tip that’s the problem. It’s the principle of it. I’m pretty sure that’s illegal.”

The video garnered around 50,000 views. Multiple comments shared a similar experience with tips added without consent, but some just opposed the set price of Snowport’s drinks.

Janice also posted a follow-up video on Tuesday, saying that Snowport management reached out and the bartender in question was fired from the Jingle Bar. She emphasized that the “scam” only took place at the bar.

“The organizers and vendors really got together and handled this situation so quickly,” she said. “I don’t want to discourage anyone from going to Snowport. I think it’s a great way to support small businesses and give back to the community.”

Snowport released a statement to regarding the claims but did not confirm if the employee was terminated or the location of the “irregularities.”

“We immediately identified the problem and have taken appropriate action for violating our policies,” a Snowport spokesperson said. “Our employees are regularly trained and retrained to adhere to our standards and have been made aware of this situation, so it does not happen again. Guest satisfaction is our top priority.”

A Reddit user noticed the same problem after a transaction at the Snowport bar, where a $15 tip was added to the total for one drink. “I only checked because of (Janice’s) TikTok that also had the same issue, along with others in the comments,” they wrote on Reddit.